Episode 48: Getting There

What’s going on, Simon?  I’m trying to find the road to Jax’s.  It’s almost dark, frogs are singing, and I’m getting bit up by these tiny bugs.  What are you driving?  An all wheel drive Chevy crossover.  How did you know where to go?  Mike asks.  I borrowed the Garmin from Toni’s truck.  Take the first right past the bridge.  Did that.  All kinds of turnoffs and private property, no trespassing signs.  Just hold left for about a mile until you hit the gate.  Just park there off the road a little.  It’s about a half a mile walk through dark forest from there.  You’ll come to a little apple orchard clearing.  Hold right, and about a hundred yards from the orchard is the two track that goes to camp.  It’s really easy to miss.  Look for it on your left.  And then it’s just a winding couple hundred yards.  You might hear the generator if he’s got it running.  You got a flashlight?  Yep.  I got a Streamlight like Lana.  Don’t scare him making bear noises or emptying your gun.  Now repeat it all back to me.  Hold left for a mile.  Park at gate.  Hold right as walk through dark forest.  Orchard.  Hold right.  Dark forest, two track turn off 100 yards.  It’ll be on your left, Mike says.  If you miss the turnoff, the road goes another half a mile and comes to another gate.  Turn around, and retrace.  I got it, Simon says.   You doing all right?  Simon asks.  Just tired.  Try me tomorrow from Wifi rock.

An hour later, Simon illuminates the cabin with his little flashlight.  No smoke is coming from the chimney.  Jax! You in there?  Jax?!?  You all right, buddy?  Who is it?  Jax yells from inside the cabin.  Simon.  Hold on.  All the sudden a generator turns on and the cabin lights up.  Jax unbolts the door.  And sees Simon with a backpack.  What in the world are you doing here?  I parked my rental car at the gate, Simon says as he comes inside.  I bring gifts.  He pulls out a tub of cottage cheese and another of applesauce from his backpack.

It’s cold in here.  Simon says.  How come you don’t got a fire going?  I can’t split wood, Simon.  Oh, yeah.  There’s a propane wall unit that I use.  And he turns it on.

It’s really good to see you again, Simon says to Jax.  I’d give you a bro hug, but I don’t want to injure you.  Left hand is good, Jax says, and they clasp hands and Simon pats Jax on the back a couple times.

I’ve got to tell you, he says beaming.  I called Bettina at work today.  And she picked up even though she was in a meeting and told me that everyone was looking at her.  Hello, boyfriend.  Jax chuckles.  Anyway, I told her the latest - that I was going to see you.  Ok.  Then she blurted out, I love you, Simon - and hung up on me.  Jax looks away and nods stoically.  What’s up with that?  Simon says suddenly.  I thought you’d be happy for me.  I am happy for you, Simon.  It’s just…and his voice trails off.  How’s Lana doing?  He asks suddenly. Simon shakes his head.  My buddy Riley came back with me from Portland.  He broke up with his girlfriend.  And?  The cartel literally firebombed his condo and his Yukon to get him to go back home.  Jax frowns.  Bettina didn’t mention that.  He was dating Lana?  No, but he was becoming a fixture in her life.  We were all at a defensive driving class in North Carolina when it happened.  Did you tell him?  I wanted to, but Lana wouldn’t let me.  It’s just as well; he got back together with his ex anyway, and they headed out to Vegas for some firearms training, so I was freed from bodyguard duty, and I decided to come see how you are doing.

How’s Toni doing?  She going night fishing with her boss and Rolf.   Have you seen her around?  No, she’s always working.  Oh yeah, she gave her Volvo to Lana.  There’s a story there - that I’ll tell you later, Simon continues.  She’s driving Mike’s Dodge now.  Jax nods.  You got outta town at the right time, he tells Jax.  It’s not the same anymore with Bettina and Lana and Sam gone.

You see Rolf or Jon at all?  I want to talk to you about that, and hear what you think.  Hold the flashlight for me while I split some wood.  I want to start a fire.


I want to out him; I want him gone.  Jax tells Simon, as he stares at the embers of the fire.  Don’t do a whispering campaign, Simon tells him.  The cartel probably wouldn’t hit you because of Lana, but your parents and maybe even your ex would be targets.  How can I destroy this guy then?  Jax asks Simon.

Raul is a jealous guy; he’ll want to find out everything he can on Rolf, who let’s face it – is a homebody.  I’m betting that he’ll order a sweep of the house.  Follow me on this.  The only time that Rolf will be predictably absent is when he and Jonny are teaching at the college.  We show Lana the proof, and she’ll break up with him.  How are we going to prove it?  If I hire a PI to sit on the house, he’s likely to get his throat slit by the cartel.  I’m thinking a nanny cam on Lana’s work station.  I like it, Jax says, but let’s clear it with Rolf first.

Fine, I think you get my point though.  You need to let him destroy himself.  The takeaway from our lunch after church was that he’s jealous of Rolf and Lana’s friendship.  Lana clammed up while he told his Rolf story.  Rolf is such an odd duck, Simon says laughing.  And Lana – I never know what she is going to say or do next.  She punched Riley in the shoulder – hard.  And then tells him that she wouldn’t have hit him if she didn’t care.