Episode 26: Ender's Game

Mike, Sam, and Jon sit on the sofa in the den, and watch Seinfeld, waiting for Simon to get in.  Sam gets a text on her phone.  He’s spending the night at the hospital again, she tells the others.


Simon catnaps in the chair next to Jax’s hospital bed.  He's startled awake when he notices Rolf sitting next to him with his eyes closed and his chin on his chest. Simon yawns as he stretches.  Rolf, with his head still down and eyes closed, lifts up his hands and starts mimicking dancing, moving his head and shoulders and his arms in synch to an imaginary beat.  He opens his eyes when he hears Simon chuckling.  How you been been, brother?  I told Bettina that I love her.  Rolf nods. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise to her, Rolf comments.  How’s Lana? Fasting until Jax gets out of his coma.  No visitors.  Reading her Bible cover to cover.  Rolf closes his eyes.

In the book of Exodus, there is a case law precedent that’s applicable.  If she broke him in a fight, she has to provide for his family until he is fully recovered.  What chapter?  I don’t remember the numbering on the scroll, it’s been too long.  Simon gives Rolf a weird look.  Rolf breaks out into laughter, and Simon joins him.  Rolf taps his ear and points at Jax.  Let’s go on tour with her as our bass player, performing behind a screen.  That is the best idea I’ve ever heard, Simon says in a hushed voice.  Think of the money we’ll rake in and the crowds we’ll draw.  They both stare at Jax for thirty seconds.  It was a good try, Simon says with a chuckle. Why not?  Rolf asks with a grin.  Are you serious?  Yeah.  Because she’d be awful. So what?  Do you want her to get back together with Jax or not?  Simon closes his eyes and steeples his fingers against his mouth.

No.  Simon finally says.  Jax and Lana are done.  I’m stepping up.  Rolf mirrors Simon’s steepling.  Mike’s not going to understand.  I don’t need his permission. What’s the plan?  No plan.  Just a direction, Simon says.

Jax will do everything he can to get her back, Rolf says.  Her mother said it’s gone too far for that.  Simon replies.  You are stepping up, Rolf notes, impressed. Bettina convinced me.  You need to put a ring on that, he tells Rolf.  No, I don’t. You do, he tells Simon.  Rolf, if I thought there was even a chance that Lana would take him back, I’d hold my peace and keep after Bettina until she relents.  Jax and Lana were so good together.  Tell me, in percentage terms, the chance of her taking him back.  I don’t play those games, Rolf says dismissively.  If I don’t step up, she’s going to end up as the Godfather’s wife.  Jax will drive her right into his arms.

So what should Jax do?  Rolf asks.  Put yourself in his shoes, knowing what you know.

Simon considers this in silence.

I’d get Lana out of jail.  How?  I’d ask to see the police captain alone, and tell him that I’d cheated and brought it on myself, and ask him to drop the charges against Lana.  He’d ask you if you were being blackmailed.  And you say what?  Rolf replies.

I wouldn’t answer.  Simon responds.  He’ll ask you what you’re going to do now. Invest full time.  He’ll ask what you are going to do about Lana? Rolf says.  I’ll tell him that I don’t want to talk to her or ever see her again.  It’s not enough.  Rolf says.  The police captain hates Lana for breaking his nose and publicly humiliating him.  How about this?  She took away my guitar; take away her PI license for me. That’ll work.  That gives the captain a win, and lets him tell his golfing buddies that’s what the rockstar wanted done.  He’s the bigger man.

Then Bettina will force her to come and see me, and I cite some Bible case law precedent, whatever you just said earlier and propose.  Would you tell her that your energy drink was drugged?  I wouldn’t bring it up.  Simon says.  What if she asks you?  I’d tell her that I’d let my guard down, and leave it at that.  Rolf nods.

I want you to tell him all this when he wakes up, Rolf tells Simon.  And tell him that if she says no, then you’re throwing your hat in the ring.  That works, Simon says.  Thanks, Rolf.  Do you think he’ll hate me?  Nah.  Better you than the cartel guy.

What are you going to do, Rolf?  I’ll stick around till it’s resolved, one way or the other. Then I’m gone.  What are we going to do about the tour?  No Jax, no tour. Rolf says.  Do we release the album?  What does James think?  He’s ready to go the moment Jax wakes up.  I like it, Rolf says.  Let’s go with that.

Well, are you ready for him to wake up?  Rolf asks Simon.  Anytime now.

Jax, I know you’ve been listening in, brother.  It’s time to face the music.

Jax opens his eyes and looks at Simon.